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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Luxembourg

BAI LI – “Memory of Urban Relic“ Series
Throughout the creation of this series, the photographer was in a period of finding herself. It’s a process of realizing that one’s ability to perceive and empathize with something new was weakened after years of photography work, and regaining the power to examine the details in life again. By chance, when spotting the mottled and dilapidated walls in the four corners of the city, often being overlooked, they showed the power of time and the inexhaustible languages of telling. It was touching, fascinating and even shocking to see these marks and one could even feel the desolation after the prosperity.

CAI SHIDI – Mystic Nature
When the flattening of life has become habitual, it seems that all the touchable things within sight have become daily and banal. The photograph is used as a way of keeping the miraculous moments that fill daily life, dissolving the documentary property of photography and the property of caring for the external world. The images in the series aim to present a readability and fragmentation between the daily life and the visual abnormality; moreover, they pay tribute to the daily life as the source of a constant supply of visual texts.

Lycée de garçons Esch-sur-Alzette – Option photographie contemporaine
The photographs are the fruit of repeated exchanges between two schools: the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in Shenyang and the Lycée de Garçons d’Esch/Alzette. Pedagogic talks, exchange of ideas and young people’s sense of expression made it effectively possible. It all started with a lesson Ms. Bai Li taught in November 2022 through a conference call to the pupils in Esch/Alzette. From then on on two themes had to be explored by the budding artists: „Urban Relicts“ and „Mysterious Nature“. By reflecting in depth about our world, the students had to find a way to focus on the unexpected within their daily environment. The originality and the relevance of the artistic approaches of the two artists/teachers Bai Li and Mai Shizai fed the pupils’ crafts in a very profound way.

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