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10:00 - 18:00

Aalt Stadhaus – Foyer 1er étage


„Ham, Fritten & Zalot“ is an artist collective, founded 2021 in Luxembourg by Mélanie Humbert, Franky Hoscheid and Michel Kremer. The collective represents the art and culture dynamics, which the artists know from the Street Art and Graffiti scene. The purpose of the artist collective is to create projects and abstract paintings. The exchange of interests with other artist groups and networks is important. Ham, Fritten & Zalot Collec- tive represents the needs and interests of the artists to change the art scene and to make a difference in Luxembourg. The members motivate each other, exchange creative ideas, orga- nise exhibitions together and thereby create new perspectives. The format of the collective is simple, striking, pragmatic and innovative. The three artists find expression in visual abstract art.

Michel Kremer is a contemporary painter. His works are an interplay of childishly naive and minimal painting. By overlap- ping objects, buildings or purely abstract forms, he creates a very loose and unpredictable painting style. The sometimes unclean brush, oil pastel or spray strokes also create a conscious childlike aesthetic within his paintings. Slightly provocative and cheeky, the painter tries to defy classic conservative painting by throwing old rules overboard. This way he creates space for al- ternative and experimental approaches towards his works.

Franky Hoscheid’s art is based on the spontaneous realisa- tion of sketches that arise in everyday situations. The gesture of sketching allows him to flee from reality and arouses in him a feeling of freedom. In art, he found a way of meditation. He bases himself on his sketches in order to make his paintings; he chooses drafts that appeal to him particularly in given situations.

Mélanie Humbert is a painter, illustrator and wall painter. Colorful, minimalist and abstract works shape her art. Colorblocking is one of the main elements of her work. She plays with the rules of colors and lets the colors speak for themselves. With the colors selection she wants to create a different atmosphere and spread warmth, freshness and optimism. The works trigger a lightness without rules in color and shape. Familiar, ubiquitous forms are created in a new and abstract perspective through a soft, gentle and at the same time weird style, which appears fresh and cheerful. The shapes and colors are associated with personal emotions and the need for free movements.

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