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Minett Beyouthsphere Youth Forum


9:00 - 20:30

Auberge an der Schoul – Lasauvage


23-24 April 2022 in the biosphere reserve „Minett UNESCO Biosphere“ at the Auberge „An der Schoul“ in Lasauvage (municipality of Differdange, Luxembourg). We’re looking for 25 young and committed citizens (17-29 years) who live or work in the Minett UNESCO Biosphere, in the rest of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in or near biosphere reserves in Germany, France or the Netherlands and who want to get involved in the development of biosphere reserve.


Objectives of the forum:
  • promotion of participation and involvement of young people in biosphere reserves
  • increased youth motivation through exchange and networking
  • public attention for their ideas on nature, environment, and climate protection
  • collection of requests, experiences and suggestions for future activities


The participants will meet on Saturday morning (April 23) to go on a rally through the picturesque mining village of Lasauvage, where they will meet experts from different fields (biodiversity conservation, recolonisation of fallow land, ornithology, urban biodiversity, local food production) to discuss with them their professional expertise, the current environmental issues facing Luxembourg and the Minett Biopshere as well as the important tasks of a biosphere reserve.

Afterwards, the participants will be divided into small working groups in which they will identify current problems in the field of nature, environmental and climate protection in the region and work on concrete solutions to the identified problems and in creative workshops they will formulate these ideas in a creative manner to be presented the next day. In the evening, a public concert with young Luxembourgish musicians is planned.

The remaining Sunday morning will be dedicated to the presentation of the proposals developed. The presentations will take place in front of members of the Luxembourg government and the participating municipalities of the Minett UNESCO Biosphere, as well as representatives of civil society.



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