Piano Composition

01 Oktober 2023

14:00 - 16:00

1535° / Unison Studios


In the workshop led by composer and pianist Riadh Khodri, you will have the chance to get into the process of musical creation on the piano. This interactive session aims to actively engage participants in a live composition process, allowing them to experience the joy and creativity of crafting music in real-time.

The workshop will provide you with a hands-on experience, allowing you to actively participate in the composition process. This means that you will have the opportunity to apply the concepts and techniques learned during the workshop, experimenting with chords, melodies and modes for your own musical performances.

About Riad Khodri:

Riadh Khodri is a music composer and pianist residing in Luxembourg. His musical journey started at the age of eight at the conservatory in Algiers, where he studied classical and traditional music while also exploring jazz and world music. His music combines his personal influences with the different styles he discovers during his musical journeys.


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