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Outdoor Parenting School

Raising children is a real challenge. In general, you, mothers and fathers, manage family life well and deal with the little “mishaps”. You are very creative and active when it comes to finding solutions to problems that arise in everyday life: setting clear rules, dealing with difficult situations, keeping patience and a sense of humour …

On the other hand, you may sometimes encounter situations that present you with new challenges where you have to find different solutions and ways.

While your child is having fun, you can take the opportunity to ask her questions about parenting and share opinions and experiences. Regardless of your questions, our staff member prepares a small special topic each time.

Are you interested? We look forward to meeting you…


At this time, the parent school is available in the playground:

in the Parc Gerlache / Differdange Center

from 2.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Tuesday 20/06/23
Tuesday 04/07/23
Tuesday 19/09/23
Tuesday 10/10/23



Parenting school


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