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Join our Activy Challenge 2.0

Physical activity is essential to good health. We all know this. However, for various reasons – time, motivation, etc. – many of us do not get enough exercise.

What we forget is that a few adjustments in our daily lives are enough to improve our physical fitness. The city of Differdange and its partner Activy will prove to you that it is not only possible, but also fun.

The challenge

From the 1st June, we are organizing a big competition that everyone can join – alone or in teams of five people.

It’s quite simple: each time you join the challenge on foot or on your bike, you accumulate points. For example, 2 points for every kilometer you ride on your bike, 100 points if you cycle every day for a week and even 900 points if you walk, run or bike for 21 days in a row.

At the end of the month, the person or team with the most points in the different categories will win the competition and some prizes. In addition, a raffle will be organized and prizes will be distributed to participants according to the ranking drawn.

In short: everyone can win prizes.

Each activity counts

Participating in our challenge allows you not only to do good for yourself, but also to do good around you. A donation of one euro will be given to Special Olympics for every ten kilometers you walk or run and every thirty kilometers of cycling.

In addition, by using the car less often, you contribute to improving our environment.

How can you participate?

It’s easy: download the Activy app on your phone.

Either join an existing team, create one or sign up for a challenge. Teams have already been created for youth centers, maisons relais and the different localities of Differdange.

Register your activities, earn points, improve your ranking … but most of all: have fun.


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