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Acts of vandalism at the Oberkorn cemetery

On the evening or night of Wednesday, April 21 to Thursday, April 22, 2021, acts of vandalism were committed in the Oberkorn cemetery. Several graves were vandalized and many cups and flowers were damaged.

Call for witnesses

The city of Differdange has filed a complaint with the police. We ask all persons who witnessed these acts of unspeakable stupidity or who think they have information that could identify the culprits, to contact the police at 113 as soon as possible. Destroying a cemetery, a place honoring the memory of the dead, is an act of the worst kind that all citizens must fight.

Families affected

Those whose graves have been affected by these acts of vandalism are asked to contact the City Hall reception desk with any questions: 58 77 1-01.

The municipal administration will contact all those concerned in writing as soon as possible.


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