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Call for candidates for the social office


The College of Aldermen has the honor to inform the public that one position in the Board of Directors of the Social Office of Differdange will become vacant. The College of Burgomasters and Aldermen invites all interested persons to submit their candidacies in writing by 30 june 2024 at the latest.

The law organizing social assistance provides that the social office is administered by a board of directors of at least five members. The local council appoints the members of the board of directors for a period of six years.

For further information on this mandate, please contact Mr. Jean-Paul Reuter at 58 77 1-1550.

The full text of the above-mentioned law can be consulted in the Mémorial N° 260 of 2009 or downloaded on



Social Office
Tel : 58 77 1-1550


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