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Christmas: vouchers for seniors

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the City of Differdange is forced to cancel its traditional Christmas party for seniors which was to have taken place in the Oberkorn Hall O.

This decision was taken as a precautionary measure in order not to unnecessarily expose the elderly to an increased health risk during the event – health first. Those responsible regret the cancellation, but ask for understanding in view of the current situation.

In order to give some consolation to the seniors for the cancellation of the Christmas party, the City of Differdange is offering them vouchers: each resident aged sixty and over will soon receive by mail a voucher worth 15 euros to be used in local stores as well as a voucher for a round trip with the bus on call Dinola worth four euros. In addition, the voucher can also be used for events at the Aalt Stadhaus cultural center. The vouchers are valid until March 31, 2022.

Notice to merchants

Please send the vouchers with a group order once a week to

City of Differdange
Service de comptabilité
B.P. 12
L-4501 Differdange

All invoices must show the account number, invoice number, date, voucher numbers and the names of the persons who redeemed the vouchers.



Service Senior Plus
T. : 58 77 1-1301


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