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Photo contest Mäin Déifferdeng

The competition will be extended for one year
until 31 December 2021.

In partnership with the cultural commission the city of Differdange has launched the photo contest Mäin Déifferdeng.

What does Differdange mean to you? What connects you to Differdange? What are your favourite places? Who represents Differdange? Where do you spend your free time in Differdange? Do you work or go to school in Differdange? Do you like taking pictures of nature or are you a street photographer? Anyone can participate and all these themes are welcome.

The photos have to be taken in 2020 or 2021. The competition will run until 31 December 2021.

Participants will be able to send in up to six photos—either several times during the year or all at once at the end. Only RAW, JPEG and TIFF files will be accepted. The resolution must be at least 300 dpi. You can also send analog photos; we will need the print and the negative, which we will return to you afterwards.

Be careful when photographing people. If you are taking pictures in the public space, you do not necessarily need to ask permission from passers-by unless it is a portrait. But ask people’s permission anyway, to be on the safe side.

The municipality reserves the right to use the pictures you send in for the publication of a book and for a possible exhibition. You will keep the intellectual property of the pictures.

The photos will be evaluated— anonymously of course — by a jury who will choose the winners.

Three prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st prize : 1500 €
  • 2nd prize: 1000 €
  • 3rd prize: 500 €

All participants agree not to publish the photos they are sending in as part of the competition on social networks until the winners are known.


At the same time, we are launching a public campaign (open to everyone) for Instagram fans.

You can publish photos with the hashtag #maindeifferdeng. Every month we choose one winner photo. The photographer will win a prize and the photo will be published in the DIFFMAG.

For those participating in the contest, please note: These photos cannot be the same photos as those sent in for the contest!



To participate, send your photos via Wetransfer or Dropbox to

or by post to:
City of Differdange
Cultural Department
B. P. 12
L-4501 Differdange


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