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Container identification system for biowaste, paper and glass

In order to improve the accurate recording of data and advice on waste management and to make it easier for the municipal administration to manage the containers, the municipality will soon equip all green (biowaste), blue (paper/cardboard) and brown (glass) garbage cans and/or containers with an electronic chip. In the future, only the containers equipped with a chip will be emptied.

To implement this project, we need your help:

  • On the equipement day, which will be indicated to you by mail, please place your trash receptacles (garbage cans and containers for biowaste, paper/cardboard and glass) from 6 a.m. in a visible and accessible place around your property.

  • Leave the bins there until you see the new permanent label on the side. Your garbage receptacles will then be equipped with a chip and you can return them to your property.


Environmental department
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