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Differdange against EU-Mercosur trade agreement

In its municipal council meeting of 24 February 2021, the city of Differdange decided to support the Klima-Bündnis resolution against the free trade agreement between the EU and the South American community of states Mercosur, which was adopted at the general meeting of the network of cities in October.

The Klima-Bündnis, its member municipalities and thus also the city of Differdange call on the European Council and the Luxembourg government to reject this agreement. They call on the EU to design a trade in line with European climate goals and social standards.

  • The agreement also affects local agricultural and food producers, as it paves the way for imports from countries with lower basic and labor costs and lower environmental and social standards. It further increases pressure on farms on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • The agreement threatens indigenous peoples in Amazonia, with whom we, as the Klima-Bündnis members, have stood by since the beginning of our membership.
  • The agreement promotes the clearing of Amazonian forests and amounts to considerable damage to biodiversity. Thus, it is contrary to the efforts and environmental goals of Differdange.

Although the EU Parliament voted in favor of an amendment at the beginning of October, this does not put a definitive stop to the ratification of the EU-Mercosur Agreement.

The city of Differdange has been a member of the Klima-Bündnis Lëtzebuerg since 2002. The Klima-Bündnis is the world’s largest network of cities dedicated to climate protection and has been standing up for the rights of its indigenous partners in the Amazon basin since its foundation 30 years ago.

Resolution against EU-Mercosur trade agreement (DE)

Resolution against EU-Mercosur trade agreement (FR)



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