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Differdange signs Climate City Contract

The Municipal Council of Differdange signs the Climate City Contract (CCC) and will be the only city in Luxembourg to join the European Union’s 100 Net-Zero Cities.

The city of Differdange is committed to achieving the EU mission of “100 smart and climate-neutral cities by 2030” to combat climate change, promote a sustainable future and increase the attractiveness of the region with regard to circular economy. The city will engage in technical and scientific exchange with other cities by sharing knowledge and developing innovative solutions. The NetZeroCities label gives Differdange access to globally recognized experts in the field as well as funding opportunities. Differdange aims to achieve a net-zero target by 2030 by increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, supporting renewable energy, promoting sustainable mobility and reducing waste. The city has demonstrated its commitment to climate action through initiatives such as the Climate Pact, Climaborough, Climate Alliance and FUSILLI, to name a few.

The Climate City Contract (CCC), signed by the Municipal Council on 29 March 2023, outlines the city’s commitments to climate action and builds a partnership with citizens to work towards a carbon-neutral and climate-resilient future.

The city has identified five systemic, strategic priorities necessary to achieve its goal, including increasing the efficiency of stationary energy supply through renovations, self-sufficiency in energy generation, reducing individual mileage, waste reduction and offsetting the tons of CO2 generated by the municipality largely within the city limits.

The city recognizes the need for a just transition and the project implementation process is based on principles such as co-creation, innovation and multi-stakeholder and citizen engagement. This approach ensures that the city’s efforts towards carbon neutrality are systemic, demand-driven and take into account the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders.

Policy makers are aware that it is much cheaper to invest in solutions now than to wait and have to pay for what has been missed. The responsibility to be the last generation to make the right decisions lies with them. Although all members of society are equal when it comes to climate change, the responsibility of current decision-makers towards future generations is enormous.


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