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Disability is not invisible

Within the framework of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which takes place every year on December 3rd, the city of Differdange has tried to evaluate the situation in our municipality. Because even though we tend to associate disabilities with people in wheelchairs, a disability can take many forms. Knowing them is an essential step to take necessary measures.

This is why the city of Differdange put online a questionnaire in French, German and English intended for all inhabitants of the city. A paper form was also distributed to all households.

767 of the responses received were valid – a representative figure, since if we consider only those affected by a disability, this represents one in two people.

69.49 % of survey participants reported that they themselves or a family member were affected by a disability. This represents 5.12 % of the total population of the city. According to the WHO, approximately 15 % of the world’s population has a disability. It can therefore be assumed that the actual figure in Differdange is higher than the 5.12 % found in the survey.

The survey also shows that only 2.14 % of the participants say that they meet people with disabilities, which is far less than the actual number of disabled people.

So what makes disability invisible?

  • Disability should not be reduced to wheelchairs.
  • It is estimated that 42.83 % of the population has multiple disabilities.
  • Nearly 50 % of people with disabilities are cognitively impaired, visually or hearing impaired, or have some form of non-motor disability. These disabilities are more difficult to “see”.

The survey in graphs

Statement of the Alderman’s College of the City of Differdange


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