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Flooding: Financial Assistance

On the night of 29-30 June 2024, our municipality was hit by violent storms that caused extensive flooding. In this context, the City of Differdange has adapted its Diff Primes regulations to help you better protect yourself.

State aid for protective measures

We would like to remind you that significant government grants are available to help you implement flood protection measures. These grants can cover up to 75% of the total cost, with ceilings of 20,000 € for single-family homes, 40,000 € for apartment buildings and 75,000 € for commercial or industrial buildings. These measures include the installation of fixed or removable water barriers.

For more information on government subsidies, please visit:

Explanation of government funding for property protection

Please note: Applications for government grants must be made BEFORE any work is done.

Diff Prime

The City of Differdange intends to financially support these initiatives. It has just created a new Diff Prime fund.

Specifically, the City of Differdange will finance 50% of the balance of the cost of the work, after deducting the government subsidy. The aid is limited to €5,000 and can be applied by using the Diff Primes form.

For example, you install protective measures in your single-family home for a total of €25,000.

The government will reimburse you 75%, up to a maximum of €20,000:

75% of €25,000 = €18,750.

So you pay €6250 out of your own pocket. But of this €6250, you are entitled to a 50% subsidy from the municipality, up to a maximum of €5000.

50% of €6250 = €3,125.

In total, you only pay the remaining €3,125.

This grant is in addition to those already available for climate adaptation measures such as the installation of non-return valves.


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