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Forest clean-up 2023

In partnership with our TNT partner municipalities Hussigny-Godbrange, Saulnes, Herserange and Haucourt-Moulaine, the city of Differdange is getting ready to organize the Grouss Bëschbotz, the traditional clean-up of the forests and forest paths.

Anyone who regularly walks in the woods can see that some of our fellow citizens take our forest for a trash can. However, each of us can contribute to making our city and our forests cleaner.

As in previous years, the clean-up will take place over a three-week period from Monday 20 March to Sunday 9 April.


The municipality will provide you with rubbish bags, which you can collect at the reception of town hall after you have registered. Once the clean-up has been completed, we ask you to deposit the waste bags on a path accessible to our road service, near a rubbish bin or near a barrier.

As a thank you for your support, the municipality will offer a small gift to each participant after the clean-up period.

So form a team. Choose a date and a place. And register using the form below.


Take part in the Grouss Bëschbotz by registering using the form below!


Registration form



Environmental department

Philippe Reuter
E-mail ⎜ T.: 58 77 1-1252

Laurent Collart
E-mail ⎜ T.: 58 77 1-1499


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