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Differdange, a city committed to Ukrainians

Solidarity for Ukraine

The City of Differdange shows its support to Ukraine! The aldermanic college strongly condemns the Russian invasion.


Call for donations

The refugees from Ukraine in the Karro Tower are in need of material donations. Despite a quick refurbishment, some materials are missing and we appeal to your generosity.

If you want to make a donation, the following is currently still needed:

  • About twenty locks to secure the bike.

You can bring the material to the security staff in the Karro Tower (10, Grand-rue in Differdange) and ask for the Caritas service. The staff will come to check the condition of the material and receive it.

THANK YOU very much for your support!

In the continuity of its commitment to solidarity, the City of Differdange implements many resources to support refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

The City also wishes to communicate about the initiatives to centralize information.

Below you will find:

  • Contact points within the municipal administration;
  • News and communications from the municipality;
  • How to help;
  • Important information;
  • registration as a volunteer or potential helper.

Coordination and contact points:

T. : 58 77 1 – 5555 (answering machine)

  • Are you organizing an aid or support initiative? Let us know!
  • Do you have a question or need information? Please contact us!
    If necessary, one of our coordinators will contact you as soon as possible.


Official communications

I want to help


To support the actions, you can make a financial donation:

  • CCP account of the municipal administration of Differdange
  • IBAN LU63 1111 0000 5454 0000 with the communication “Donation Ukraine”


To date, the City of Differdange has not set up a collection point for material donations. However, you can go to the collection points listed below.

Centralization of non-communal initiatives
The calls for donations listed below will be updated regularly.

Kindly note that the situation is constantly changing and we do our best to keep the information below up to date. In case of error or doubt, please refer to the information provided by the people or institutions behind the initiative.

Material donations

Financial donations (non communal)

Caritas Luxembourg
Croix-Rouge Luxembourg
UNICEF Luxembourg
Médecins Sans Frontières
Ukrainian Community in Luxembourg (LUkraine)
Médecins Du Monde
SOS Villages d’enfants
Care Luxembourg
Passerell Luxembourg

Other initiatives (Differdange)

  • Karate Club Differdange: Integration through sport/Karate & collecting financial donations
  • Private proposals for refugees: social support, general/dental/psychological medicine, psychomotricity, relaxation exercises, school support, extracurricular activities – contact us
  • Boxing Club Differdange: boxing lessons – contact
  • Société de Gymnastique L’ Espérance Differdange: integration through sport, from basic to artistic gymnastics – contact
  • Handball Red Boys Déifferdeng: free training hours for youngsters (categories: baby handball – U8/U11 – U13 – U14 – U15 and U17/U18) – contact
  • Aïkido Differdange: sports activities/Aikido – contact

Other sources of information




58 housing units for Ukrainian BPI

At its meeting on Wednesday, March 2, 2022, the municipal council of the City of Differdange passed a resolution supporting Ukraine with 17 yes and 1 no vote. The City of Differdange thus continues a long tradition of helping people in need – in Luxembourg and around the world.

Key measures

The most important measure of the resolution taken by the City of Differdange is undoubtedly the provision of 45 housing units (studios and apartments) in the former Gulliver Tower hotel-restaurant to accommodate Ukrainian applicants for international protection.

In addition, the City of Differdange is proud to announce that 13 additional units are available from 9 March in the Klenge Casino building on the Place du Marché in the city centre. In all, there are 58 rooms, studios and flats – 45 in the Gulliver Tower and 13 in the Klenge Casino – that can accommodate some 230 refugees. The first two floors of the Gulliver Tower with 22 units will be available from the beginning of this week. In this context, we would like to thank the companies in Differdange who have mobilised themselves in record time to carry out the necessary work to accommodate the refugees.

The City of Differdange will also financially support NGOs active in refugee aid through its initiative Déifferdeng eng Stad hëlleft.

The resolution

Through its resolution of March 2, 2022, the municipal council of the City of Differdange decides:

  • to strongly condemn the Russian military aggression against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine in defiance of international law;
  • to firmly oppose the dismemberment of a free and democratic state of Europe;
  • to call on the Russian Federation to stop its attack, to leave the national territory of Ukraine, to respect all international treaties and the fundamental principles of international law and to recognize the full sovereignty of Ukraine over all its territories;
  • to show its solidarity by mobilizing to receive applicants for international protection, and more specifically by offering the National Office of Reception the commercial building of the former Gulliver Tower hotel-restaurant to be assigned in the short or medium term to the accommodation of BPI resulting from the current conflict in Ukraine;
  • to show its solidarity by raising the Ukrainian flag and by illuminating public buildings with the colors of Ukraine;
  • to support financially the NGOs helping the refugees;
  • to be at the disposal of the Luxembourg government to contribute in any way possible to the provision of basic aid to the Ukrainian people;
  • and finally, to support the declaration of February 24, 2022, issued by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions.


Coordination and contact points
T: 58 77 1-5555 (answering machine)


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