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The next municipal elections, which take place every 6 years, will be held on 11 June 2023.

By taking part in the elections, citizens can directly elect the municipal councillors who will defend their interests for the next six years and thus make their voice heard in the political decisions of the municipality!

Voting as a Luxembourger or a non-Luxembourger

On election day, all those registered on the electoral roll are called to vote to elect their political representatives:

  • Luxembourgers, who are automatically registered on the electoral roll;
  • any non-Luxembourgish person who has registered on the electoral roll for the municipal elections.

Registration on the electoral roll

The legislator has opened the right to vote to all adult residents of the municipality, regardless of their nationality. While Luxembourg nationals are automatically registered on the electoral roll from the age of 18, any resident of foreign nationality who has reached the age of majority may now request to be registered on the electoral roll for the municipal elections.

All you have to do is

  • register electronically on;
  • or in person at the citizens’ office of Differdange with the following documents:
    • valid identity document (identity card or passport);
    • valid residence card or residence permit for third-country nationals (outside the EU).

A formal declaration must be signed stating the applicant’s nationality, date and place of birth, last address in the country of origin and address in the municipality, and that the applicant has not been deprived of the right to vote in the country of origin.

The final deadline for voter registration is Monday 17 April 2023 at 5 pm.

Voting is compulsory for registered voters.

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