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Beverage retailer Gaudront-Schneiders


Beverage retailer Gaudront-Schneiders, located in Rue de Titelberg in Niederkorn, has been a family business for 33 years. Recently taken over by the 2nd generation, the company is the specialist in the delivery of beverage in our municipality. You will find beer, water, juices, liqueurs, wine, champagne and soft drinks.

In Luxembourg, Gaudront-Schneiders is also the exclusive distributor of the O’Donnell brand, which brings the history of American prohibition up to date by reproducing the jars used at the time for moonshine, high-quality liquors produced illegally. Gaudront-Schneiders offers Toffee Moonshine, Bratapfel Moonshine, High Proof Moonshine, Harte Nuss Moonshine and Wilde Beere Moonshine. In addition, there is the Blutorange Moonshine in summer and the Macadamia Moonshine and Cookie Moonshine in winter.


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    Opening hours:

    Deliveries from Monday to Saturday

    Contact information

    8, rue de Titelberg
    L-4678 Niederkorn

    621 590 391

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