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New parking rules at Aquasud

On 3 April 2023, a number of changes to the Aquasud car park in Oberkorn will come into force. These changes aim mainly to ensure the safety of the children. At the same time, they are intended to put a stop to the chaos of parents parking and improve the traffic situation around the swimming pool overall.

What will change?

The rates for the parking lot in front of the pool will change. As of 3 April, you can park for free for thirty minutes from Monday to Saturday – ONLY with a ticket from the parking meter and ONLY for thirty minutes. Other than that, parking there is prohibited.

The city of Differdange asks parents who drop off their children or pick them up in front of the pool to use these parking spaces, which are provided for this purpose. If these spaces are all occupied, parents can use the car park Parc des Sports, which is free of charge for the first hour.

We urge you to stop parking in rue Camille Gira to let your children out. Likewise, do not stop on the sidewalks around the swimming pool, on the bus stops, in the parking spaces for people with reduced mobility or in the curve in front of the swimming pool. By doing so, you are not only obstructing the buses, but putting the children in danger. Since children have already been hit by cars there, the municipality feels compelled to secure the sidewalks. Any parking on the sidewalk will also be punished by our municipal agents with a ticket of 49 euros.


Please respect the new rules in order to improve the situation and above all to guarantee the safety of children going to play sports.

Visitors to the Aquasud swimming pool will be able to park in the Parc des Sports car park from 3 April. It is free for the first hour. Two hours costs only 30 cents and three hours costs 60 cents.


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