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New version of our City app

There is a new version of our City app, which you can download from the App Store and Google Play. Here’s a brief overview.

What has changed besides the new look? For one thing, the app is more ergonomic, with menu items like Favorites, Notifications, and Profile now at the bottom. There are already two new features here: You have the option to create a profile and save your favorite sections as favorites.

The main page of the app contains the news, event calendar and some main menu items, such as the report-it function or the phone directory. All the sections can be found in the menu.

The telephone directory in the Contacts section is new: here you can find a listing of the municipality’s employees, as well as contact information and opening hours of the municipal administration.

Another novelty is the chat option in the Report-it function. The municipal administration has the option to send you a private message, which you can also reply to via the app.

In the events calendar, you will be able to export events directly to your calendar and also get directions to the event.

In the news section, you now have the option to share articles.

In terms of mobility, you will find Vël’OK stations, car parks, bus schedules and bus stops.

In the Points d’intérêts section you will find, among other things, restaurants and stores – this information is provided directly by Editus and cannot be modified or updated by the municipal administration.

In the section Déchets, you can enter your address to display your personal waste calendar. In your profile, you can then also be reminded to put your garbage cans out on time. Here you will also find the waste calendar as PDF and further information about waste disposal and recycling.

With push notifications, you can subscribe to the areas that are important and interesting to you. In case of emergency, the city of Differdange has the option to send a push notification to every user.

The app is free and easily found in the App Store and Google Play under Differdange. If you already use our app, you will automatically be prompted to download the new app. In the new version, you will then have to subscribe again to the push messages you want to receive and enter your address if you want to use the waste calendar.


If you have any problems with the installation or with a setting, you can contact the HOTCITY helpdesk directly:

HOTCITY Helpdesk
T. +352 2711 5000


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