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Project Gravity

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Living, working, meeting in the heart of the city

In an innovative project such as the Gravity residential complex in Differdange at the crossroads of rue Émile-Mark and boulevard Émile-Krieps, diversity is not just an empty term, but a reality. With its 80 quality apartments, Gravity offers all the comfort you need whether you are single, a couple or a family. The optimal layout of the new apartments creates a very special spirit at the entrance to the city: futuristic, individual, shaped by different generations and cultures, with a good mix of privacy and proximity to the neighborhood. A neighborhood of the future, therefore, with a high quality of life!

The Gravity project consists of five buildings in all. The two towers (one of which is 65 m high) with their slender architecture are particularly eye-catching and give the entrance to the city and the skyline of Differdange a futuristic and metropolitan identity.

For many years, the City of Differdange has been involved in the creation of affordable housing. The residential project Gravity, developed by the municipality in collaboration with the real estate developer BPI Real Estate and the architectural firm Petitdidierprioux and Moreno Architecture & Associates, is marked by this will.

The objective: to create affordable housing to ensure a balanced social mix in the city.



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