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Rents frozen until 31 December

The housing department of the city of Differdange would like to remind all owners and tenants of housing that the government has frozen rents until 31 December 2022.

In other words, it is forbidden until the end of the year to increase the rent for premises used as a residence. Premises rented for business purposes such as stores or offices are not affected.

However, if a property becomes vacant, the landlord is free to set the rent for the new tenant. Thus, they are not obliged to limit the new rent on the basis of the old rent. The landlord must however comply with the 2006 law stipulating that the annual income from the rent may not exceed 5% of the capital invested in the property.

In addition, rents for residential leases cannot be indexed.



Housing Department
T. 58 77 1-1243 /-1334 /-1317


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