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Road works in Rue Belair – update

Hereby we inform the residents of the following houses:

rue Belair (Montée houses 1-49 and 2-52)

that the company Lisé will proceed with refurbishing the road, renewing the networks and the main pipeline from 30 August to 18 December 2021.

During the construction period, car access to homes will be temporarily prohibited.

Car owners who do not have a parking sticker (vignette) can receive a temporary construction sticker from the site managers (see contact information below).

Please remove your car from the work zone prior to the start of the works if you need it.

These neighboring streets will also affected by the roadworks
from 23 August 2021 to 15 October 2021:

  • rue Pasteur: Access will be prohibited from the intersection of Avenue Charlotte/rue Pasteur to the intersection of rue Pasteur/rue Belair in both directions except for residents and their suppliers. Traffic to the cemetery and rue Belair will be diverted to rue Kondel.
  • rue Kondel will be two-way from the intersection of Avenue Charlotte/rue Kondel to the intersection of rue Kondel/rue Belair.


André Gonderinger and Adan Skenderovic, in charge of the road project at the technical department of the city of Differdange, are at your disposal at the following telephone numbers:
58 77 1-1281 or 58 77 1-1292.


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