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Minett-Kompost compostable collection bags

As of June 2022, it is forbidden to collect or process biowaste and green waste together with plastic materials, whether biodegradable or not. Thus, collection bags are not allowed for organic waste – with the exception of collection bags from the Minett-Kompost union.

The Ministry of the Environment confirms that the Minett-Kompost collection bags can be considered part of the organic waste collection and therefore do not fall under the law of 9 June 2022.

The Minett-Kompost collection bags are fully degradable, therefore no microplastics are produced as a result of their decomposition and they do not pose any environmental hazard or compromise the organic waste treatment process or compost quality.

The Minett-Kompost collection bags are currently the only bags that can be used for organic waste collection without violating the provisions of Article 25 of the law of 9 June 2022. The use of other collection bags for organic waste, whether biodegradable or not, remains prohibited by law.






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