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1st Sculpture fair in Differdange

28-30 May 2021 ⎥ Hall O in Oberkorn

With this fair, the city of Differdange wishes to give greater visibility to visual artists and, more specifically, to sculptors who are generally less present at art fairs. By allowing them to exhibit and sell their works in a neat setting without commission on sales the city is offering support to artists and gallery owners who have been hit hard by the health crisis.

This first edition of the fair will be able to welcome around twenty sculptors or gallery owners. Each participant will be allocated a space of about fifteen square meters, which they can arrange according to their wishes.

Registration fees for the three days are 200 € per location for independent artists and 500 € for gallery owners.

We have taken up the challenge of relaunching the purchase of works of art based on the observation that a large part of the public potentially interested in art does not necessarily dare to enter a gallery or similarly dedicated spaces. The “Salon de la Sculpture” has therefore been built around two concepts: accessibility and conviviality. The aim is to create a real encounter between artists and the public around the sale of quality works.


Registration until 25 April 2021


Further information and registration at:


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