Sustainable urban development

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Sustainable urban development

The idea of sustainability has been a guiding principle for political, economic and ecological action for many years. Sustainable municipal development means a holistic, future-oriented urban and municipal development.

Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainability Targets (SDGs) at the local level (SDG11) are part of the Agenda 2030, which was adopted in September 2015 and defines the global sustainability goals. This article promotes an overall strengthening of activities “for a participatory, integrated and sustainable urban development at the municipal level.“

The individual themes are housing, sustainable mobility and promotion of public transport, reduction of environmental pollution (focus on air quality and waste treatment) as well as accessible green spaces and public spaces for all.

Sustainability goals

Sustainability goals are also playing an increasing role in municipal development. From now on, our municipality will make its contribution to the implementation of the global development agenda and a sustainable and integrated urban development policy that combines and promotes social, economic and ecological objectives.

Building on the three pillars of sustainability – ecological, social and economic sustainability – three basic dimensions are defined for urban sustainability: economic efficiency in the use of development resources, social justice in the distribution of development benefits and their costs, and the avoidance of developments that could burden future generations.

At local level, sustainable development is decided where people live and work together. In this context, sustainable construction and renovation are elementary contributions to the strengthening and improvement of the quality of life in our community.

Thematic areas & fields of action: ecology, economy and social issues

Summary of the objectives of sustainable local development:

  • Driving forward climate protection and energy transition
  • Striving for sustainable mobility
  • Careful use of our natural resources
  • Living well in our municipality
  • Sustainable management and work
  • Social, healthy and safe city
  • Culture and education for sustainable development
  • A high supply of schools and childcare facilities
  • Family friendliness and a balanced population development
  • Togetherness, integration and equality
  • Promoting civic participation and civic engagement

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