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PAP Special development plans in the approval phase

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Public notice

In accordance with article 30 of the amended law of 19 July 2004 on town planning and urban development, the college of aldermen informs the public of the following special development projects, PAP NQ (“nouveau quartier”):

PAP A Lauterbann Phase II

PAP A Lauterbann à Niederkorn – phase II nouveau CID – partie écrite
PAP A Lauterbann à Niederkorn – phase II nouveau CID – partie graphique

PAP Quartier+ Phase 1.1

PAP « Quartier+ » phase 1.1 aux Woiwerwiesen – partie écrite
PAP « Quartier+ » phase 1.1 aux Woiwerwiesen – partie graphique

All observations and objections to these special development plans must be submitted in writing to the college of aldermen within 30 days of the publication of the deposit of the project.

General information

The purpose of a special development plan is to specify and implement the general development plan, while adhering to the method and degree of land use specified therein.

A distinction is made between:


The existing development plan (PAP QE) defines the urban planning requirements for fully developed plots in urban areas. Existing development PAPs are drawn up by the municipal office at the same time as the general development plan. An existing development PAP identifies the dimensional specifications (setbacks, heights, number of levels, roof shapes, number of housing units per building) and the type of structures to be built.


The new development plan (PAP NQ) sets the urban planning and subdivision rules for plots that are not yet developed when the plan is drawn up. For areas subject to the creation of a new development PAP and which are not yet properly covered by one, a PAP NQ is required prior to any construction or subdivision. All new PAP NQ may be drawn up at the initiative of the municipal administration, the government or any other legal entity. The PAP NQ identifies the zoning of private plots, the types, sizes and locations of buildings as well as the layout and design of public spaces.



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