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Zesumme renovéieren: neighborhood office


With the aim of promoting the sustainable energy renovation of homes in the municipality of Differdange and answering citizens’ questions on the subject, we are pleased to announce the introduction of a neighborhood office as part of the Zesumme renovéieren project.

From 8 January 2024, the neighborhood office will be open every Wednesday from 1 pm to 5 pm. The office is ideally located on the premises of the ecological department at number 10, Place du Marché in Differdange and is open to all residents of the municipality.

Your neighborhood manager from Klima-Agence, Julie Dupont, will answer all your questions about energy renovation and this pilot project. She will guide you in setting up your project, explain the available subsidies and provide the necessary liaison with the people who will be supporting you throughout your renovation.


Address: Ecological department, 10 Place du Marché, Differdange

Opening hours: Every Wednesday from 1 pm to 5 pm


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