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Stand-up Comedy

07 novembre 2021

10:00 - 13:00

Aalt Stadhaus – Salle polyvalente


This workshop will be a complete beginner’s guide to stand-up comedy, from writing your first piece of material to successfully delivering it on stage and then fine tuning your work into a short set to get the very best out of each comedy workshop participant. The workshop will be fun, high energy and fully interactive throughout, there will also be a short Q & A at the end.

• Introduction by Danny O’Brien
• Generating material
• Developing performance skills
• Discovering your comic attitude and finding your comedy style
• Examining stage persona
• Joke structure and joke writing
• Microphone technique
• Stand-up comedy, public speaking and presenting as a profession
• Managing nerves and anxiety
• Professional tips on writing your first stand-up set
• Etiquette for stand-up comedy
• Delivering your first set

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