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Télévie in Differdange

Volunteers (Organising Committee)

The college of aldermen would like to inform you that the city of Differdange will be one of the centre de promesses of the Télévie on 22 April 2023. To this end, an organizing committee, composed of members of local associations as well as residents of the commune, will be set up.

Would you like to participate in the organisation of the Télévie? Please register at the following e-mail address:


During the coming weeks and months, the city of Differdange, the clubs and associations of the city, but also many private citizens, companies and corporations involved are organising events afin to raise funds for the Télévie.

If you would like to organise a project within the organisation of Télévie, please fill in this form:




In order to best support the Télévie and cancer research, the organising committee needs your help and generosity. You can support the Télévie with a financial donation, either by setting up savings boxes in your company, or by donating to our Tombola, or both.

The different sponsorship options





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