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AIS Kordall

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The social real estate agency Kordall (AISK) is a service of the intermunicipal syndicate Kordall (SIKOR), which brings together the four municipalities of Differdange, Käerjeng, Pétange and Sanem and aims at the social development of empty housing on the territory of these four municipalities.

The shortage of housing in general and especially low-cost housing is a major problem affecting our municipalities.

Access to housing is becoming an insurmountable barrier for many low-income families who must either resort to social assistance or settle for precarious, dilapidated or even unhealthy housing situations.

Through AIS Kordall the intermunicipal syndicate SIKOR reacts to this problem by recovering uninhabited housing and making it available to families in need for a low rent.

Your advantages as owner

  • guaranteed rent
  • repair of the current dwelling
  • rehabilitation at the end of the lease contract
  • tax exemption
  • supervision and support of the occupant

For further information, please contact our technical department directly.


To be able to rent low-cost housing from AISK you must contact the social office of your municipality. The social office checks whether you meet the criteria and will complete the application with you.


Lynn Elvinger
Social worker
T.: 58 77 1-2572  ⎥  661 420 988  ⎥  E-mail

Raymond Moos
Technical coordinator
T.: 661 587 705  ⎥  E-mail

Jean-Paul Nardecchia
Technical coordinator
T.: 58 77 1-1821  ⎥  661 379 736  ⎥  E-mail


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