Improve the interpretation of your song

08 juin 2024

14:00 - 16:00

1535° / Sonotron

Gratuit – Inscription obligatoire

Wouldn’t it be great to have a vocal coach accompany you during the preparation of your live show as a singer? Well, we can make that happen for you!

In this unique series of workshops, you will have the opportunity to work with Priscila da Costa, singer from « Ptolemea » and vocal coach at « The Singing Experience », on a song of your choice you would like to perform. Over the course of three separate sessions, you will be able to refine every detail of your performance, from your vocals to your stage presence and confidence.

But that’s not all! Following the preparation, you will have the chance to put what you’ve learned into action on stage during an Open Mic event at Kesselbetrieb.

Choose your song and reserve your spot right now.


08/06/2024 | 14h – 16h

22/06/2024 | 14h – 16h

29/06/2024 | 14h – 16h

Open mic @Kesselbetrieb: 3/07/2024 | 18h30 – 21h30

About The Singing Experince:

The Singing Experience (TSE) is a singing school based in Differdange that aims at offering different singing experiences to participants, from classes, to open mics, to studio and video sessions. TSE also offers classes for extreme singing techniques, like growl and scream.

About Priscila Da Costa:

Priscila da costa is a Luxembourgish singer and composer. After her studies in law, she decided to listen to her heart and dedicate herself completely to music. She is the leader of the rock band “Ptolemea”, as well as founder of the singing school “The Singing Experience” of Differdange.

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