Luxembourgish folk music

18 Februar 2024

14:00 - 17:00

1535° / Sonotron

Gratuit – Inscription obligatoire

This presentation invites musicians of all levels to discover the rhythms, melodies and instruments of Luxembourgish folk music, as well as its cultural context and influences from other musical traditions from around the world.

Whatever your instrument, bring it along and let yourself be guided by Martina Menichetti, a musician, lecturer, educator and founder of the group „Authentica“, for a dynamic collective music session where you will play with other participants, experimenting with different creative ways to interpret and arrange melodies to create a unique and vibrant sound.

About Martina Menichetti – Authentica:

Martina Menichetti is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, speaker, educator, music composer and arranger from Luxembourg. As part of the Education department of the Philharmonie Luxembourg, she creates performances, music workshops and interactive participation projects for public of all ages. She is specialized in Folk-Celtic music, which she performs with her band “Authentica”.

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