Scream it out loud

06 Juli 2024

14:00 - 17:00

1535° / Sonotron

Gratuit – Inscription obligatoire

Master the raw power of your voice with this vocal distortion workshop by singer and artist Noémie Leer and INECC Luxembourg.

You will discover the secrets of vocal distortion, an effect found in various musical styles, from gospel to metal.

Often associated with intense and uncontrollable emotions, techniques like „screaming“ and „growling“ are accessible to everyone, as long as they are practiced in a controlled manner without damaging the voice.

About INECC:

INECC is the European Institute of Choral Singing. Based in Luxembourg, they focus on raising awareness and providing training on signing, voice and choir direction, especially for children and teenagers. They also support the development of new projects, fostering the links between amateur practices and the professional world of creation and distribution.

About Noémie Leer:

Noémie Leer is a hybrid artist based in Luxembourg, who was introduced to music and arts at the age of four. Embracing an artistic approach based on multiplicity and diversity, she undertakes the artistic challenge of constantly evolving towards new aesthetics. In addition to her work in the socio-pedagogical field, she works as a musician, performer, teacher, choir director, and voice-over artist.

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