Intuitive and Creative Singing

20 April 2024

14:00 - 17:00

1535° / Hangar


How to approach singing differently, looking beyond norms and expanding artistic freedom?

In this workshop in collaboration with INECC Luxembourg, artist and vocalist Valérie Schiel will guide you through the process of rediscovering the natural connection between you and your voice. By developing your listening skills and creativity, you will explore how reconnect with yourself and with the others through the power of sound.

To return to the essence of your sound, you will work with your raw sound like a sculptor shaping clay, allowing your voice to evolve freely.

Join us on this artistic adventure where you can push the boundaries of your singing, discover new perspectives, and thrive in authentic and liberated vocal expression.

About INECC Luxembourg:

INECC is the European Institute of Choral Singing. Based in Luxembourg, they focus on raising awareness and providing training on signing, voice and choir direction, especially for children and teenagers. They also support the development of new projects, fostering the links between amateur practices and the professional world of creation and distribution.

About Valérie Schiel:

Valérie Schiel is a Luxembourgish artist. After completing her theater studies and pursuing a career as a casting director in cinema, she returned to the source: the voice, the body, and emotions. Thanks to an intuitive and creative approach stemming from numerous encounters, multidisciplinary learning, personal research and experimentation, she shares her experiences and discoveries on the path of sound and voice.


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