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The city of Differdange has a mobile application offering its citizens useful information and services. The app was created in collaboration with Hotcity and complements the city magazine, website and social networks of the municipality.

The city app is free of charge. It can be found in App stores such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store and runs on Android and iOS operating systems.

In this app you will find the city’s events and news, bus schedules, traffic information etc. It also tells you where Differdange’s car parks and bike rental stations are located and how many parking spaces or bikes respectively are available.

Report it

The report-it function is particularly useful and important: it allows app users to report a problem or nuisance in the public space. The municipality can then react and deal with the problem.

The app also allows the city of Differdange to send push notifications to all users in case of emergencies, road construction, important school updates or cultural events. You can choose, which push notifications you want to receive.

The application will be further developed over time: functions and communication possibilities will be extended or added. However, the app does not replace the other means of communication of the city of Differdange, it only complements them.


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