Title Date Category
Valorlux: Order your bags online 31.03.20 Ecology
Measures to delay the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 31.03.20 Public Notice
Volunteers needed to sew protective masks 30.03.20 Non classé
Parking: Current measures 27.03.20 Traffic
Differdange contacts citizens over 80 via phone 26.03.20 Seniors
New hotline for seniors over 65 25.03.20 Seniors
Domestic violence 24.03.20 Family
Coronavírus: Informações em português 20.03.20 Public Notice
Coronavirus: recommendations 20.03.20 Public Notice
Solidarity with citizens and businesses 20.03.20 Public Notice
Adjustments of TICE schedules 20.03.20 Traffic
Information for businesses 20.03.20 Public Notice
Vël'OK stations closed 20.03.20 Public Notice
New online delivery platform Letzshop 20.03.20 Public Notice
Waste disposal guaranteed 19.03.20 Public Notice
Weekly market 19.03.20 Public Notice
Coronavirus: These restaurants offer delivery/take away 18.03.20 Public Notice
Coronavirus: Support service for seniors 17.03.20 Public Notice
Coronavirus: The food supply is guaranteed 16.03.20 Public Notice
Coronavirus: Public notice concerning elementary education 13.03.20 Public Notice
Coronavirus: Public notice concerning childcare facilities 13.03.20 Public Notice
Figures of the week 10.03.20 Municipal life
Ongoing PAP 09.03.20 Non classé
Avenue Charlotte closed from 9 to 27 March 09.03.20 Traffic
Épicerie Binck - call for testimonials 07.03.20 Other
Never forget to put out the trash again 06.03.20 Other
JUKOWO 2020: Sign up now 03.03.20 Art and culture
Your opinion about our website 03.03.20 Other
Public Inquiry 02.03.20 Policy
Job offers 29.02.20 Jobs
Differdange launches Different Together 28.02.20 Municipal life
New sister city for Differdange 26.02.20 Policy
Town Council meeting of 26.2.2020 26.02.20 Policy
Burglary prevention 26.02.20 Housing
A second life for your clothes 25.02.20 Ecology
Road works in Lasauvage: bus stops are omitted 18.02.20 Traffic
Student job 13.02.20 Jobs
First Beer & BBQ Competition 07.02.20 Events
Multikulti 2020: The associations 31.01.20 Events
Multikulti 2020: Participate in the shows 30.01.20 Events
Multikulti 29.01.20 Events
Job vacancy 22.12.19 Jobs
Aktioun Päiperlek 20.12.19 Ecology
Photo contest Mäin Déifferdeng 17.12.19 Art and culture
Mandatory smoke detector 15.12.19 Housing
Summer activities coordinator 13.12.19 Jobs
SNHBM – Projet Niederkorn 12.12.19 Housing
Free consultations & parental advice 09.12.19 Family

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