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Title Date Category
Coronavirus: recommendations 05.03.21 Public Notice
Local business: your opinion 05.03.21 Municipal life
Do your administrative procedures online or on appointment 05.03.21 Public Notice
Enrollment in early education 2021-2022 05.03.21 Family
Kleng Schrëtt 05.03.21 Ecology
Differdange against EU-Mercosur trade agreement 04.03.21 Ecology
Temporary recruitment of socio-educational staff (m/f) 04.03.21 Jobs
JUKOWO 2021 01.03.21 Art and culture
Vaccinations: Support for people over 60 years old 28.02.21 Seniors
Youth: Label Jugendinfo 28.02.21 Municipal life
Launch of the Miwwelchen 25.02.21 Housing
Town council meeting online 25.02.21 Policy
Project Gravity: auction sale 24.02.21 Housing
School year 2021/22: Application for admission to another school 22.02.21 Family
First Aid Courses 19.02.21 Municipal life
Steel, Wood, Stone & Co. 18.02.21 Art and culture
Substitute education staff urgently wanted 11.02.21 Jobs
Women's strike 2021 10.02.21 Public Notice
Free package of butterfly perennials for your garden 09.02.21 Ecology
PAP Avenue Parc des Sports / Pereira 08.02.21 Public Notice
No football in Differdange without quick tests 05.02.21 Public Notice
Nuisance: dog poo 05.02.21 Public Notice
Changes in train traffic 04.02.21 Traffic
Student jobs 2021 01.02.21 Jobs
Delivery service 27.01.21 Municipal life
Different Together | Joss & Alex | Final Round 21.01.21 Art and culture
Voucher campaign for seniors extended 20.01.21 Seniors
Project Gravity: a chance for everyone 15.01.21 Housing
Road works: rue principale Lasauvage 15.01.21 Traffic
Diff Prime: What's new? 12.01.21 Ecology
Construction site Haneboesch 08.01.21 Traffic
Construction Sanem 07.01.21 Traffic
Girdling of Robinia trees 06.01.21 Ecology
Prevent burglary in the cellar or communal garage 29.12.20 Public Notice
Want to get married on a Saturday? 22.12.20 Public Notice
Coronavirus: useful phone numbers 11.12.20 Other
Reminder: Support service for seniors 24.11.20 Seniors
Photo contest Mäin Déifferdeng 23.11.20 Art and culture
Entrust us with your archives 17.11.20 Municipal life
Dinola is looking for accompanying persons 03.10.20 Seniors
Application for study allowance 2020/2021 01.10.20 Family
Ech kafe lokal 12.07.20 Municipal life
Construction Rue Woiwer 12.05.20 Traffic
Coronavirus: Meals on Wheels is accepting new customers 10.04.20 Seniors
Coronavirus: 08.04.20 Public Notice

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