Title Date Category
Building site Am Kazebësch 25.09.23 Mobility
Training workshop for associations 21.09.23 Municipal life
Fruit trees 21.09.23 Ecology
Legislative elections 2023 20.09.23 Policy
Differdange soon on Hoplr 19.09.23 Municipal life
Participez aux concours photo #differdangemobility en 3 catégories (vélo, bus, train) jusqu’au 28.9.2023 15.09.23 Municipal life
Differdange celebrates its 30.000th resident 14.09.23 Events
Registration: sports@Differdange 11.09.23 Sports
Parking: Plateau du Funiculaire 07.09.23 Mobility
Free workshops at Sonotron 05.09.23 Art and culture
Vël'OK station temporarily out of service 04.09.23 Mobility
Advice on wasps 04.09.23 Ecology
Neighborhood visit in Differdange 02.09.23 Ecology
Christmas trees wanted 01.09.23 Public Notice
Dinola: New number and new schedule 31.08.23 Mobility
RGTR: Timetable changes from 10 September 2023 29.08.23 Mobility
Want to get married on a Saturday? 17.08.23 Public Notice
Wëllplanzesom Lëtzebuerg 09.08.23 Ecology
Town Council of July 14 17.07.23 Policy
Municipal council of 14 July 14.07.23 Policy
School merit bonus 14.07.23 Public Notice
Together on the road 13.07.23 Mobility
Survey on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis 04.07.23 Public Notice
Website of the municipal archives 03.07.23 Public Notice
Welcome to the club 29.06.23 Municipal life
Changes at the parking Place Marie-Paule Molitor-Peffer 28.06.23 Mobility
Résultats des élections communales du 11 juin 2023 11.06.23 Policy
Outdoor Parenting School 07.06.23 Family
Discover the photo book #MÄINDÉIFFERDENG 06.06.23 Art and culture
Enjoy your espresso in unique cups 06.06.23 Art and culture
New version of our City app 01.06.23 Municipal life
Inauguration of the new Differdange police station 19.05.23 Municipal life
Un nouveau site pour le Lycée privé Emile Metz à Differdange 24.04.23 Youth
Pilot project: zesumme renovéieren 17.04.23 Ecology
The City of Differdange receives the "Drëpsi" certificate of excellence in drinking water 04.04.23 Ecology
Differdange signs Climate City Contract 30.03.23 Ecology
Affordable Housing: Registration 20.03.23 Housing
Loading zones are not parking spaces 15.03.23 Mobility
New parking rules at Aquasud 03.03.23 Mobility
Solidarity allowance 2023 01.03.23 Public Notice
Smoke detectors become compulsory 31.12.22 Public Notice
Call: Artist studios 18.11.22 Art and culture
Waiting list for parking spaces 17.11.22 Mobility
Differdange sports calendar 09.11.22 Sports
The city of Differdange further reduces its energy consumption 09.11.22 Public Notice
Substitute education staff 22.09.22 Public Notice
Pop-up store: new tenant wanted 30.08.22 Municipal life
Do you know what it is? 04.07.22 Art and culture
The Maison moderne is open to associations 13.06.22 Other
Differdange, a city committed to Ukrainians 03.05.22 Public Notice
Find a babysitter 14.03.22 Family
The forest: a place for everyone 05.11.21 Ecology
Simply do it online 18.10.21 Public Notice
Entrust us with your archives 09.09.21 Municipal life
Feeding pigeons... a bad idea 05.07.21 Ecology
What does not belong in the toilet 11.06.21 Ecology

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