Esch-sur-Alzette Europen Capital Of Culture


Title Date Category
Kleng Schrëtt 27.11.20 Ecology
Different Together | Alessandro de Nunzio | Lunex 27.11.20 Art and culture
Municipal council meeting of November 25, 2020 26.11.20 Policy
Reminder: Support service for seniors 24.11.20 Seniors
Coronavirus: recommendations 23.11.20 Public Notice
Section of Rue de Longwy closed 23.11.20 Traffic
Project MUB: online survey of local food products 23.11.20 Ecology
Roadworks on Rocade and rue Woiwer 19.11.20 Traffic
TOTO. L’Expo 17.11.20 Art and culture
Municipal Senior Citizens' Council: The municipality is looking for members 17.11.20 Seniors
Entrust us with your archives 17.11.20 Municipal life
Make your Holiday Season fair 15.11.20 Ecology
Fruit trees: pick up your order 13.11.20 Ecology
Christmas party for seniors cancelled due to Corona 12.11.20 Seniors
Different Together | Joss & Alex | Round 1 11.11.20 Art and culture
Project Gravity: Housing for everyone 11.11.20 Housing
Photo contest Mäin Déifferdeng 09.11.20 Art and culture
Nuisance: dog poo 09.11.20 Public Notice
The toilet is not a trash can 06.11.20 Ecology
Label "biosphere reserve" for the Minette region 02.11.20 Ecology
Substitute education staff urgently wanted 30.10.20 Jobs
Appeal to the public: Do your administrative procedures online or on appointment 29.10.20 Public Notice
NOÉ-NOAH workshops 28.10.20 Ecology
Different Together | Lisa Junius 23.10.20 Art and culture
Coronavirus: Continue to be responsible 21.10.20 Public Notice
Appeal to parents: Please don't forget your child's protective mask for school! 18.10.20 Family
One-off modification of PAP "Plateau du Funiculaire 1-2" 12.10.20 Public Notice
Dinola is looking for accompanying persons 03.10.20 Seniors
Application for study allowance 2020/2021 01.10.20 Family
Periodic verification of the Luxembourg Office of Metrology 28.09.20 Public Notice
Road works between Differdange and Sanem 14.09.20 Traffic
Your questions to ArcelorMittal 14.09.20 Municipal life
Campaign "Clever fueren – Suen spueren" 13.07.20 Ecology
Ech kafe lokal 12.07.20 Municipal life
Solidarity allowance 2020 02.06.20 Family
Construction Rue Woiwer 12.05.20 Traffic
Coronavirus: Meals on Wheels is accepting new customers 10.04.20 Seniors
Coronavirus: 08.04.20 Public Notice

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