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Surrogate grandparents in the starting blocks

As a parent, would you like to find a “surrogate grandmother” or “surrogate grandfather” in Differdange? Here you can find out all the important information about the innovative “Boma-Bopa-Service” of the Senior Plus department.

The need for childcare is greater than ever. Families need flexible childcare that caters to individual needs. At the same time, care needs orderly framework conditions and is based on a consistent, trusting relationship. Especially for young children, fixed reference persons on whom they can rely are important.

The city of Differdange has taken up the issue and launched the innovative “Boma-Bopa-Service”: In October, our municipality – together with the Kannerschlass Foundation – already offered four free courses for “surrogate grandparents” from 55+.

Advantages & conditions

The “Boma-Bopa-Service” of the Senior Plus department is a form of childcare that meets these needs. In accordance with the requirements of families, competent and trained “surrogate grandmas” and “surrogate grandpas” are placed as child carers* who, like grandparents, build up a good bond with the family. This free service can help those Differdange families whose grandparents live far away or who no longer have grandparents. The “surrogate grandmothers” and “surrogate grandfathers” do their work on a voluntary basis.

Parents wanted who need help

Register now as a parent if you would like a “surrogate grandmother” or “surrogate grandfather” for your child/children! The Senior Plus department will talk to all parties involved and find a suitable “surrogate grandmother” or “surrogate grandfather” for a family. If everything fits, the first attempts at childcare are started.


Senior Plus departement
T.: 58 77 1-1566/-1562/-1301


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