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Nature reserve Prënzebierg – Giele Botter

The first licenses for the Minette up on the „Prënzebierg” were issued as early as 1870. 100 years later in 1977, mining stopped at the “Giele Botter”. This explains the many and varied landscapes, structures and biotopes at the open pit.

Many hiking paths guide the visitor through the old mining area “Land of the red earth”. In the days when iron ore was extracted, this area was bleak and the dominant color was red. Today, this area is characterized by the different stages of development and biotopes. The hiking paths go along routes once used by buggies and will show the visitor the various stages of vegetal development and the amazingly diverse rare flora and fauna.


Rue Titelberg
L-4678 Differdange

T.: +352 58 77 1 01

Parc de la Chiers

The Parc de la Chiers was developed as part of the Plateau du Funiculaire project on a total area of ​​five hectares. For comparison: Parc Gerlache is only 0.80 hectares in size. The new park has become a relaxing area for Differdange.

The city’s new green lung is located between the towns of Differdange, Oberkorn and Fousbann. Thanks to its hiking and biking trails, the park is accessible to all residents of different parts of the city. It invites you to relax and offers moments of peace for the whole family.

In order to preserve the wild character of the area and the evolution of the biotope, the encroachment on the natural environment was reduced to a maximum. The Chiers was renatured over a length of 500 meters and the currently channeled watercourse was exposed. The stream flows along a winding path through the park and the old artificial bed of the Chiers has disappeared.


Avenue Charlotte
L-4530 Differdange

T.: +352 58 77 1 01

Parc Edmond Dune

In 2015, the city of Differdange created a new public park in the city center. The castle park was officially opened on June 23, 2015 and is now called Edmond Dune Park in honor of the Luxembourgish writer and poet, whose aunt was the governess of the castle. Its central location makes the park a green island in the heart of Differdange.

In the park you will find fruit trees, a fitness area and a charming garden library that works on the principle of book crossing: everyone can deposit their own books and borrow the ones offered by other readers.

The Edmond Dune Park also serves as an exhibition area for numerous sculptures that were produced as part of a symposium organized by the city of Differdange.


Impasse du Château
L-4524 Differdange

T.: +352 58 77 1 01

Parc Gerlache

Since the redesign of the park in the course of upgrading the city center, this green lung of the city of Differdange has become a real meeting place and to retreat. The lawn has recently been renewed and new plantations have been created, investments that speak about the importance attached to this green space.

Modern play areas for children and quiet places invite you to relax. The park offers an ideal resting place thanks to the small benches. The park is a meeting point for all generations and is also used for cultural purposes.


Rue du Parc Gerlache
L-4574 Differdange

T.: +352 58 77 1 01

Parc Um Bierg

This local recreation area near the “Vesquenhaff” fits perfectly into the concept of offering hikers a network of parks with different themes. It is intended to offer a place of peace for families who want to take a short trip into nature.

The flower meadow, the sunflower field sown by school children, fruit trees, the pasture tunnel and the wicker tunnel will allow families to spend a pleasant moment at the gates of Differdange. The wood protection is designed to protect against sudden bad weather or sunshine. You will notice the green roof, which is covered with grass and wild flowers and it is a habitat for native plants.


Um Bau
L-4559 Differdange

T.: +352 58 77 1 01


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