Affordable housing

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With the online form below you can submit an application for affordable housing. The form is only available in French.

The selection of applicants and the calculation of the amount due will be carried out in accordance with the law on affordable housing and the amended law of February 25, 1979 on housing assistance.

Eligibility criteria are set out in article 55 of the law on affordable housing.

Applications sent by post will not be accepted!

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria for applicants and tenants

The conditions for becoming an applicant-tenant for an affordable lease are as follows

  1. The applicant-tenant is a natural person of legal age on the day of submitting the application;
  2. None of the members of the applicant tenant’s household is the owner, usufructuary, emphyteutical tenant or beneficiary of an undivided right of abode of more than one third of another dwelling in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or abroad;
  3. The monthly income of the applicant tenant and of the members of his household is less than or equal to the ceiling of eligibility determined according to the composition of the household, in accordance with the table in Appendix II;
  4. The applicant tenant and the members of his or her household have a right of residence for more than three months at the time of application, in accordance with the amended law of 29 August 2008 on the free movement of persons and immigration.

Affordable housing law

Eligibility limit

Eligibility limit for tenant applicants

The monthly income of the household is determined in accordance with Article 56, with the exception of family allowances, which are not taken into account.

Type of household Eligibility limit | Monthly income (euros)
1 adult 3185
2 adults – 0 children 4890
1 or 2 adults – 1 child 5770
1 or 2 adults – 2 children 6525
1 or 2 adults – 3 children 7090
Additional child 790
Additional adult 1050
The values in the table are based on the sliding scale of 921.41.

Documents to be provided

List of documents to be submitted  (version of 9.3.2023)

For more information, please contact our Housing Department:


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