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A new concept for neighborhood parties

Differdange is breaking new ground when it comes to neighborhood celebrations. The popular Nopeschfest takes place every year in May, and allows citizens to organize a party for their neighbors with the support of the municipality. Differdange now wants to offer residents the chance to organize a neighborhood celebration throughout the year, so it has come up with a new concept: Notre quartier en fête

The new concept is more flexible and aims to support residents in promoting community life, social cohesion and solidarity in a street or neighborhood. Residents of Differdange can submit an application for a shared celebration throughout the year, subject to the following criteria:

  • organizing a party in a public space, not in private, with and for their neighbors
  • inviting neighbors by invitation, preferably all within the neighborhood
  • respecting night-time rest periods
  • in the case of a rental: respect the rules of the rental
  • in the case of a street or car park closure: respect the relevant times and regulations

The City of Differdange will support you in your efforts with:

  • free posters and invitations, which can be downloaded from our website and used by residents to organize their festivities
  • free rental of furnishings (tables and benches)
  • where possible, the temporary closure of a street or car park in Differdange.

Applications for a neighborhood party must be made at least three weeks before the date of the party by filling in our form.

Find the form and more information here



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