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Please do not feed ducks

The habit of feeding ducks with bread is widespread. However, this is dangerous for both the ducks and their habitat.

Ducks generally feed on plants, fruits and seeds, but also like to eat insects, frogspawn, tadpoles, worms and snails. It is unnecessary and even harmful to feed the animals, especially with bread. Bread contains too much salt and sugar and does not provide the ducks with any nutrients. It also swells up in the stomach, which can be fatal for ducks.

Bread harms ducks and pollutes the water

The bread also pollutes the habitat of ducks and other animals. It decomposes in the water, causing more algae to form, which causes the water to deteriorate, meaning the water no longer contains enough oxygen for plants and animals. The result: the animals die.

As ducks are wild animals, it is also forbidden by law to feed them.

We therefore ask you to observe the ducks, but not to feed them.



Environmental department


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