Swedish folk music

03 February 2024

14:00 - 17:00

1535° / Sonotron


Would you be interested in learning more about Swedish folk music? Do you want to explore and incorporate your own musical style into the lively melodies of Swedish folk music?

Explore the fundamentals of traditional Swedish and Nordic folk music with Kerstin Ivares, a highly skilled Swedish fiddler from the artist collective Belong. Her primary emphasis is on playing music for dancing, which presents the exciting challenges of capturing the correct rhythm, atmosphere, and effective communication between musicians and dancers. Kerstin is also an expert in ceremonial repertoire.

This talk is open to instrumentalists and vocalists of all genres and styles.

About Belong:

BELONG is a collective of artists aiming at providing a sense of belonging to the multicultural communities of Luxembourg and the region by embracing their cultural heritage. BELONG invites international artists to Luxembourg to introduce various forms of exotic arts, and engages local artists in workshops where they exchange music and dancing from their countries and cultures towards a world-music performance.


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