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Administrative procedures


I. EU citizens and their family members

EU citizens (nationals of a member state of the European Union) and nationals of an assimilated country (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Swiss Confederation) intending to reside in Luxembourg for more than three months and establishing their residence in the municipality of Differdange must declare their arrival and register at the local citizens office. On the basis of this declaration a “registration certificate” will be issued immediately.

Family members who are themselves citizens of the EU (or assimilated countries) will do the same. Family members who are third-country nationals will apply for a “residence permit for a family member of an EU citizen“.

Documents to be submitted

  • valid identity card or passport,
  • lease contract / accommodation certificate,
  • for employed persons: contract of employment,
  • for the self-employed person: establishment permit / authorization to practise / registration in the order / contract for the provision of services,
  • for inactive persons: proof of sufficient resources + health insurance registration (Luxembourg’s own insurance or proof from the foreign insurance institution certifying that the person concerned is effectively covered in Luxembourg),
  • for unmarried people: full copy of the (recent) birth certificate,
  • for unmarried persons in a partnership: full copy of the birth certificate and certificate of registered partnership (recent),
  • for the bride and groom: complete copy of the marriage certificate or family record book (recent),
  • for widows/widowers: extract or full copy of the death certificate bearing the necessary apostille (Hague Convention No. 12 of 05.10.1961) or authentication of signature OR full copy of the birth certificate of the previous spouse bearing a mention of death and the necessary apostille (Hague Convention No. 12 of 05.10.1961) or authentication of signature,
  • for divorced persons: marriage abroad and divorce in another EU member state (foreign nationals): 
    • certified copy of the court decision and the certificate provided for in Article 39 of Regulation 2201/2003, known as the Brussels IIa Regulation 
    • judgements given before 1 March 2005: certified copy of the court decision and large copy of the Luxembourg exequatur judgement with certificate of non-appeal,
  • photos meeting ICAO standards (for people married to EU citizens),

Family member over the age of 21

The person in question must provide proof of care or schooling, otherwise a commitment to take charge (Formal obligation).

II. Third-country nationals

It should be noted that third-country nationals will have to register within 3 working days of their arrival on the territory.

Documents to be submitted

  • valid passport,
  • residence permit, sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration
  • lease contract / accommodation certificate

With their passport and the “Declaration of arrival of a third-country national” issued when declaring their arrival, they must then go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration/ Immigration Directorate/ Foreigners Department (address: 26, route d’Arlon, L-1140 Luxembourg / B.P. 752, L-2017 Luxembourg), to finalize their file.

For more information, please visit the following website:


Further information

Citizens Office
T.: 58 77 1 -01

During office hours (8 am  – 11.30 am and 1.30 pm  – 4.30 pm)

Online procedures are to be preferred. If you have to come to the citizens office, please make an appointment.


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