Administrative procedures

Criminal record

An extract from the criminal record is a copy of the national criminal records register, which is used to check the criminal record of a person (natural or legal). It indicates whether a person has been convicted or not.

This document allows to prove that the person making the request has sufficient guarantees of good repute, for example in order to obtain approval to practise certain types of profession or to perform certain contracts.

An extract from the criminal record of a natural person may be requested :

  • online, via e-mail, post or fax: 47 59 81-248, accompanied by a legible copy of their identity card / passport / residence permit
  • in person, at the Service du casier judiciaire in Luxembourg City.

Extracts from the criminal record are issued free of charge to natural or legal persons who request them.


Further information

Citizens office
T.: 58 77 1 -01

During office hours (8 am  – 11.30 am and 1.30 pm  – 4.30 pm)

Online procedures are to be preferred.


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