Administrative procedures

Declare a birth

As soon as your child is born, administrative steps must be taken to register your child in the civil register, enroll him or her in health insurance and to be entitled to various allowances.

All births must be registered within five calendar days (not counting the day of delivery) with the civil registrar of the municipal office for where the birth took place.

Births must be registered by the father or mother. Alternatively, births must be registered by the doctor, midwife or any other person who was present for the birth.

Several documents must be submitted:

  • a birth certificate issued by the midwife
  • the family record book or marriage certificate for married persons
  • identity documents and birth certificates of unmarried persons

You must also inform the civil registrar of the child’s name. The child may be named (surname) after the father or mother.

Non-Luxembourgish parents must declare the child to the municipality and then to their respective consulate or embassy. Portuguese and Cape-Verdean parents must declare their child to the consulate BEFORE the declaration in the civil register.

You will receive several extracts of the birth certificate from the registrar to submit to the following organizations and persons:

  • the administration of your municipality of residence
  • your employer
  • the National Fund for Family Benefits with the application for family and birth allowances given to you by the civil registrar
  • your health insurance fund

Further information

Citizens office
T.: 58 77 1 -01

During office hours (7.30 am  – 12 pm and 1.30 pm  – 5 pm)


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