Administrative procedures

Formal obligation

By this certificate of assumption of responsibility, the guarantor ensures for a fixed period vis-à-vis a foreigner and the Luxembourg state to cover the costs of the stay, including health costs, and the return of the foreigner. For a period of two years, the guarantor is jointly and severally liable with the foreigner vis-à-vis the state for the reimbursement of the costs of the stay, including health costs, and of the return of the foreigner and must reimburse, where applicable, the costs of stay or repatriation borne by the Luxembourg State.

The guarantor is released from his commitment if they provides proof that the foreigner has left the Schengen Area. The guarantor may not withdraw their undertaking to assume responsibility unless the Minister or their delegate accepts a new undertaking given by another person or if the beneficiary of the assumption of responsibility has been granted a residence permit on another basis.


Please note: The undertaking to take charge is only a preliminary step to be taken in the context of a visa application, an application for a residence permit or a declaration of registration. Its acceptance does not constitute authorization to enter or reside in Luxembourg and does not prejudge the decision that will be taken after examination of the visa application or the application for a residence permit or on the basis of the registration declaration.

The commitment to take charge is issued by our citizens office.


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