Administrative procedures

Residence permit (third-country nationals)

Any foreigner who intends to stay in Luxembourg for a period of more than three months must, before entering the territory, submit a request for a residence permit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The authorization must be used within ninety days of its issuance, i.e. entry into the territory and the declaration of arrival must have been made before the expiration of this period. If a visa is required, the visa application must have been made before the expiry of this period.
Within three working days from the date of entry into the territory, the third-country national shall present themselves with:

  • a valid passport
  • the residence permit received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • all data concerning civil status (if these records come from outside the EU, they must be legalized by the Luxembourg representation of that country),
  • a lease contract or authorization from the landlord at the Biergeramt, to make a declaration of arrival.

A copy of the declaration will be delivered to them as a receipt. Possession of the receipt and the residence permit justifies the regularity of the stay until the issuance of the residence permit. The person concerned will have to undergo a medical examination.

Before the expiration of a period of three months, they will apply to the Immigration Department to obtain a residence permit.


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