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Feeding pigeons… a bad idea

Wild pigeons have adapted well to life in cities – without fear of the inhabitants. Many people like to watch these intelligent animals and some even feed them. Unfortunately, this is a false good deed.

The size of the pigeon population in cities depends primarily on the amount of food available. If they don’t get enough, they will leave.

If we feed them, however, they will breed all year round and their population will grow, causing a nuisance:

  • Too much food can attract other animals such as rodents;
  • Bad smells and noise;
  • Soiling of facades, vehicles and monuments;
  • Clogging of gutters;
  • Invasion of attics;
  • Dry bread is bad for the health of pigeons;
  • Rarely, pigeons can be vectors of disease.

For all these reasons, please do not feed pigeons in the city or in the parks. Pigeons are wild animals. For their well-being, it is important that they look for their own food.



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